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Blood Bank

On December 25, 2007, RED-C IET Volunteer Blood Donor Association was established by 09 voluntary blood donors of the state to work exclusively for motivating people to donate blood voluntarily to the Blood Banks with a view to eliminate the trade in human misery from the country.

This hundred percent voluntary association is run professionally, round the clock by a group of volunteers drawn from every walk of life who spare a fraction of their free time in a coordinated manner. There is no paid staff in the association.

Aims and Objectives

The following are the aims and objectives of the RED-C IET Volunteer Blood Donor Association:

  1. To create awareness amongst the students regarding blood donation.
  2. To motivate students for blood donation.
  3. To remove false conceptions about donation and ensure a continuous supply of blood in blood banks.
  4. To help anyone, in case of any requirement for blood. In case of any blood request, we aim to satisfy it by using our collaboration with the blood foundations as well as our emergency donor database.

 Vision of RED-C IET Volunteer Blood Donor Association

Our blood donor’s association has the vision that:

  1. All blood donations should be voluntary.
  2. We look forward to a society where no life is lost because of lack of blood.
  3. To save lives by making the timely availability of the required group of blood.
  4. Our aim is to make sure that the blood donated reaches the people who actually need it.

 Note: Further improvement in this mission is rapidly in progress Inshallah.