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System Analyst Sunday, April 15, 2018 | 12:17:56 AM

Proctorial Board (PB)

Every institute is a mini state. The safety and the security of this state hinges on active and dignified proctorial board. The proctor shall act as intermediaries between the student community and institute authorities.  At present the team is comprises of fifteen students, three teachers under the leadership of vice principal.  Outsiders are totally checked and their entry is prohibited. The campus is fully at peace and there is admirable academic atmosphere in the campus. The students are strict tackled in the case of any indiscipline. The Proctorial board is maintaining strict discipline and students, staff and guardians fully appreciate their efforts.

Treat all students with dignity and respect

  1. Reprimand for incorrect / incomplete uniform/dress code
  2. Provide grooming guidelines for students
  3. Maintain a positive and conducive environment on campus
  4. Train proctors in how to behave and deal with students.
  5. Submit nominations for proctors
  6. Submit in writing reports on any untoward Incidents on campus to the Chief Proctor
  7. Maintain confidentiality of any reported incidents
  8. Abstain from favoritism
  9. Be available for special function duties as and when requested by the vice Principal
  10. Monitoring of discipline on campus.
  11. Inculcation of the core values
  12. Monitoring Proctors' duties