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 System Analyst Tuesday, April 17, 2018 | 07:24:01 PM

General Rules for Admission

  1. Candidates must fill in their application forms neatly and complete in all respect in their own hand writing. The candidates applying for admission must attach necessary documents.
  2. There is no need to attach original documents but student must have to provide the same at the time of interview.
  3. Application Form and the documents attached shall not be returned.
  4. Incomplete Application Forms will not be entertained.
  5. Application form will be rejected if a candidate is found guilty of suppression or misrepresentation of material facts.
  6. The names of selected candidates will be displayed on the Institute's Notice Board.
  7. Be careful while prioritizing technology for admission, as any cutting, overwriting causing illegibility would compel the administration to take decision on candidate's behalf.
  8. Hafiz-i-Quran will be given 20 extra marks for calculation of merit. Necessary documentary proof will have to be provided by the candidate with the application form.
  9. Candidates punished by their previous institutions or schools on account of indiscipline or undesirable activities (major penalties) shall not be admitted in the institute.
  10. The authority concerned may refuse admission to a student who, in its opinion, has malafide intentions or undesirable background.
  11. If a student fails to pay his dues on or by the date notified by the Institute, his admission shall stand cancelled.
  12. Tuition Fee will be increased 15% on annual basis, but miscellaneous fee in the next year will be remain same as the 1st year.
  13. None of the Fee is refundable / transferable under any circumstances. Make it sure.