Shining Star (Gold Medalist)

System Analyst - 09 April, 2018 | 02:12 PM

Gold Medalist (All Pakistan 1st Position Holder) 

Name: Abdul Wahab Qureshi (Gold Medalist)

Roll #: 765076

Position: 1st

Marks: 2940/3300

Year: 3rd   

Trade: Diploma of Associate Engineer (Petroleum & Gas Technology)

Message from Abdul Wahab Qureshi (Gold Medalist)

First of all I thank all the staff in the RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology for contributing a vital role in achieving my highest score in the final exam of KPK Board of Technical Education Peshawar. The spark of interest and excitement in the eyes of an inquisitive and independent learner. Although it does require a lot of time, effort and perseverance, the RED-C institute gives us a lot in return. In all honesty, the RED-C institute does prepare us for life in the 'real world.

The principal and teachers at the RED-C IET are wonderful, kind, and good hearted people who want students to learn and to have a positive experience. I remain close with my teachers whom I count as lifelong friends. The goal I achieved is all due to the efforts & prayers of my beloved teachers and parents.

I pray for the prosperity and the excellence of RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology, Islamabad. May Allah Almighty give power to this Institute to progress by leaps and bounds”.  Ameen !


         Abdul Wahab Qureshi receiving Gold Medal from

        Ex-Chief Minister “Amir Haider Khan Hoti” of KPK

                           at Chief Minister House.