System Analyst Sunday, April 15, 2018 | 02:38:24 PM

The RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology (RED-C IET) was established on December 25, 2007 to carry forward the mission of the trust by augmenting the national efforts in the field of technical education and assisting in the establishment of institution dedicated to impart education in engineering disciplines and technologies under the supervision of "Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir". Now this Institution has evolved into a well-known institution offering Petroleum, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Telecom, and Mechanical Technologies in collaboration with KPK Board of Technical Education, Peshawar & FSc, ICS, I.Com & FA in collaboration with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad.

The Institute was formally inaugurated by the high commissioner of South African high commission (Republic of South Africa), Head (Khulu L.R. Radebe) of Pak South Africa Friendship Association (PSAFA) and since then it has been visited by several distinguished educationists like Chairman Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education, Peshawar etc. They all appreciated the standard of technical education being maintained here.

When we look back at the state of our performance during the last year, we experience a heart-warming sensation to find that RED-C IET has justified the confidence reposed in the institution by the people as there is steady progress in all academic, social, corporate and development sectors. We are grateful to Chief Executive Officer (Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir) and members of Chief Executive Committee for their continued patronage of this growing institution.

Establishment of RED-C Institute of Engineering and Technology at Islamabad will go a long way in providing a practical hand and a meaningful technical training to the youth nationwide enabling them to solve technical problems in their related fields.

The RED-C Institute of Engineering & Technology (RIET), Islamabad today stands as an emblem of quality education in the country. This distinction, when viewed in the perspective of just eleven years of the existence of the institute is something really dazzling. From a modest beginning in a small building called Atta Plaza, Main Lehtrar Road, Kannah Pul, Islamabad. The Institute has now assumed the dimensions of sprawling multi-campus conglomerate comprising five faculties and numerous related offices and directorates. Beginning with an initial intake of just 18 students in some short programs of studies, the institute is now catering to the academic needs of more than approximately 700 students enrolled in 16 programs of study.

RED-Cian students are serving in different sectors of the national economy with great confidence and competence. All of them have been giving proof of their mastery over the fields of their respect in professions & have added to the good repute of the institute. This has been possible only because RED-C IET strictly follows the philosophy of quality, hard work, intellectual rigor and character building of her students. There is, all around, a congenial atmosphere for meaningful technical and professional learning.

It is gratifying to note that RED-C IET has lived up to the expectations of the public. The institute is focusing on exposing the students to the perspectives of the global society, through the approaches of in-depth learning, meaningful research and integration of the students' community in to academic network available abroad.

Winning top honors in debates and sports contests has become almost a habit of RED-C IET students. They were eagerly and enthusiastically active at the time of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and especially blood donation. They contributed effectively to the relief steps taken for the rescue and rehabilitation of the victims.